Unparalleled Brew Variety

At Deja Brew, we have over 200 beer recipes for everyone’s taste. Available batch recipes range from hoppy IPA’s to more full-bodied bocks — and even fruit-based brews! Our brewmasters are always experimenting with our wide array of available ingredients to create new and exciting recipes to add to our list. Everyone at Deja Brew has a strong passion for brewing beer, so you’ll likely always find a new recipe you want to try every time you walk in the door!

IPA Brews

A More Hoppy Experience

IPA’s, or india pale ales, are a hoppy beer style that is typically light-colored, similar to a bitter, typically with higher than average alcohol and hop content. Our brewmasters are experienced in crafting all varying styles of IPA’s and can help you narrow down the exact recipe you’re looking for.

Lager Brews

America’s Most Popular Beer

Lagers are generally one of the more popular types of American beer, but there are many styles of lager to choose from including pale, golden, amber, and dark, all ranging in color and flavor. From homages to American classics to exotic ambers, we have a wide selection of recipes.

Belgian Brews

A World Of Variety

Belgian ales range from light blonde ales and lively white ales to amber and dark style ales with full-bodied flavor. We also have Belgian Dubble and Triple options that produce a very heavy, high ABV beer for those daring enough to try it.

Pilsner Brews

A Classic Since 1842

Pilsners are typically medium bodied, bright and carbonated, and generally more tangy and bitter without being harsh. From traditional Czech and German offerings to modern, citrusy renditions, you can’t go wrong with one of our refreshing pilsners.

Bock Brews

Not Your Typical Lager

Bocks are strong, robust, malty beers that range in color from somewhat pale to dark amber and full-bodied. Our selection ranges from balanced and hoppy to powerful dopplebock brews. If you’re looking to try a new brew, you’re sure to have a good strong beer.

Bitter Brews

Brews With A Bite

English bitters are known for their biting, hoppy taste, although they can be fruity in their nature as well. If you’re looking for a beer that’s low on ABV and big on hops, explore our extensive bitter brews menu and we’ll help you find something that you’ll love.

Honey Brews

A Sweet Selection

A sweet selection of honey beers that are light, smooth, and accessible. They’re perfect with great food on hot Summer days and spending time with friends. If you’re looking for a sweeter experience in your beer, look no further than our selection of honey brews.

Octoberfest Brews

Every Brew A Celebration

A German-style celebration wouldn’t be complete without a rich, full-bodied Oktoberfest beer. These brews boast light, amber, or copper color and toasted flavors with different malty or fruity accents depending on your taste. Celebrate with a new batch today.

Porter Brews

Goes Down Smooth

This dark style of beer has a rich history to go with its rich, silky consistency and smooth taste. These hoppy, brown malt beers range in flavor from coffee to oatmeal, so you’ll be sure to find your new favorite porter when you make your next batch at Deja Brew.

Stout Brews

Creamy & Delicious

This dark beer is well known for its reach and creamy texture with a variety of flavors and styles. Milk stouts, imperial stouts, and dry stouts are accessible for beer lovers and novices alike, with satisfying coffee and chocolate stouts ensuring a great drinking experience.

Wheat Brews

Spice Things Up

Our wheat beers are light, pleasant, and varied in their spices, treatments, and flavor palettes. These beers are perfect for a party that wants to a new, specialized brew packing plenty of delightful subtleties and accents.

Strong Ale Brews

Packing A Punch

These hearty beers are for beer aficionados looking for powerful flavors and high potency. Strong ales vary in color and treatment, but each is sure to make a lasting impression. Take on the challenge of one of our strong ales today.

Gluten Free

An Option For Everyone

We want our beer to be enjoyed by everyone, and with our gluten-free recipe you can make an entire batch of delicious beer that you can share with friends. We also have options for gluten-reduced recipes to give you more variety.

Barley Wine

Crossing Genres

Our wheat beers are light, pleasant, and varied in their spices, treatments, and flavor palettes. These beers are perfect for a party that wants to a new, specialized brew packing plenty of delightful subtleties and accents.

Pale Ale Brews

From Standard to Astonishing

Known for their light color and strong hop flavors, pale ales have been popular since the 18th century. They come in many varieties with different profiles and styles, including brown, red, Scottish, and English. We’ll help you find just the right choice for your party.