Full Menu & Batch Pricing

Each Recipe Below Will Produce 24 750 (mL) Bottles Of Red, White, Or Fruit Wine. And 24 375 (mL) Bottles Of Ice Or Dessert Wine. The Costs Listed Below Are Per Batch, Not Per Person. So If You’d Like, You Can Split The Cost & Wine With Your Friends, Family or Make Some New Friends! Please call for an appointment and let us know which wine you would like to make. If we don’t have it in stock we will order it for you if it is available from our distributors.

A Red/White/Fruit Wine Batch Will Yield Approx. (24) 750 mL Bottles Of Wine & Can Be Split Between 1-6 People. 750 ml – $1.25 Per Bottle
A Ice/Dessert Wine Batch Will Yield Approx. (24) 375 mL Bottles Of Wine & Can Be Split Between 1-6 People. 375 ml – $1.35 Per Bottle

At least (24) 375ml or 750ml bottles are required to bottle your wine.
Bottles can be purchased directly from us, or from a local home brew store!


A nice California version of this classic wine. Ripe and smooth with a hint of fruit.

Batch Cost: $215


Aromatic bouquet, spicy flavors with a full finish.

Batch Cost: $215


Succulent peach and juicy tropical fruit flavors.

Batch Cost: $215

Pinot Grigio

The classic Italian chardonnay. Light pale color with a delicate fragrance.

Batch Cost: $215

Sauvignon Blanc

One of the great varietals, light in color, dry with a lovely bouquet. Very drinkable.

Batch Cost: $215

Washington Valley Riesling

Delicate yet complex Great floral aroma with flavors of peach & apricot, crisp finish.

Batch Cost: $215

White Zinfandel

A classic wine. Medium pink with light fruit flavors.

Batch Cost: $215