Diverse Selection of Craft Wines

At Deja Brew, we have wine recipes in all types of styles. No matter if you have a beginner’s interest or are an experienced winemaker, Deja Brew has something for you. We use only the finest ingredients to ensure you will craft a high quality, chemical-free wine. Whether you enjoy white wine, red wine, or aren’t quite certain, we have tasteful wines for everyone to enjoy.

Red Wines

Bold, Bitter, But Delicious

Red wines are typically made from dark colored grapes, sometimes with other similarly dark-colored fruits such as blackberries, and usually carry a bolder and more acidic flavor profile.

White Wines

Dry, Sweet, Or Sparkling

White wines are green or yellow in colour, such as the Chardonnay, Sauvignon, and Riesling. White wines can have diverse flavor profiles ranging from a dry white wine to a more sweet and aromatic taste as well.

Fruit Wines

A More Fruity Take

Fruit wines consist of a wide variety of different base fruit ingredients other than the typical grape base used for most other wines. They may also have additional flavors taken from nuts, flowers, and even herbs!

Dessert Wines

Delectable Dessert Pairing

Dessert wines are a unique category of wines with a very flexible definition. Regardless of the many varying styles, typically dessert wines all share a common theme of being highly sweet wines — more so than white wines.